Tuesday 27th March : MAULDEN

8pm Reclaiming South Georgia by Prof Tony Martin, Team Leader of the 6 year programme to eradicate rats on this UK Overseas Territory.  MAP

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Link to membership rates Membership Rates Rise

Most membership rates are rising from 1st Jan 2018. Please see details HERE. If you pay by standing order please ensure that you amend your payment to the new rate
Wild about Beds title, links to section in publications Wild About Beds

Click HERE to go to the publications panel for the Winter edition of Wild About Beds (WAB 185) our members' newsletter.
Link to Don Green obituary Don Green

The sad death of Don Green on 12th Nov 2017 has robbed the Bedfordshire Natural History Society of one of its longest serving members. A tribute to him can be read HERE.
Link to earthworm workshop Earthworm Identification Workshop

Details of an earthworm identification workshop to be run jointly by the BNHS and the Earthworm Society of Britain on 17th and 18th March 2018 can be found HERE. NOW FULLY BOOKED!
Link to 2016 conference proceedings 2016 Conference Proceedings

We are delighted to be able to make available HERE the presentations given at the BNHS "Amazing Insects and Spiders in Bedfordshire" conference held on 5th November 2016.
Link to 2014 conference proceedings 2014 Conference Proceedings

We are delighted to be able to make available HERE the presentations given at the BNHS "Neglected Insects in Bedfordshire" conference held on 15th November 2014.
Orchid Book order form Wild Orchids of Bedfordshire

The book Wild Orchids of Bedfordshire is now published and available for £20 + £3.75p&p

It is a superbly illustrated and up-to-date account of Bedfordshire's 27 species of wild orchid flora. There is an order form and flyer describing the contents of this exciting publication HERE (.docx) and HERE (.pdf) .

The book was launched at the Forest Centre, Marston Vale Millennium Country Park on Saturday 25th April 2015 where the authors signed copies. Read about this exciting project on the Bedfordshire Orchid Group's blog

New: The book was reviewed in the British Wildlife magazine by Peter Marren. A copy of the review can be read HERE (.pdf).

Try before you buy? Copies of Wild Orchids of Bedfordshire can be purchased directly from a number of outlets across Beds and its neighbouring counties. If you prefer to browse through books before buying them then you may like to visit the following places where copies can be inspected and purchased:
  • The Forest Centre, Marston Moretaine
  • The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden Park
  • The Higgins Museum, Bedford
  • Rushmere Country Park, Heath and Reach
  • Davids of Letchworth
  • College Lake Nature Reserve, near Tring
  • Wildlife Trust, Priory Country Park (Weekdays only)
Link to http://www.picus.co.uk/bedssilphidae/ Bedfordshire Silphidae (Carrion Beetles)

Andy Banthorpe has assembled information on Silphidae in Bedfordshire, including an identification key. If you have photos, catch one in a moth trap, or stumble across one in the field, have a go at ID'ing it and submit the record into the national recording scheme. See HERE for details.
County Recorders

Since 1946 the BNHS has appointed experts in their groups to be County Recorders. As the title suggests they keep the county's records and help with identification when needed. They also produce an annual report for the Bedfordshire Naturalist and present a verbal report at the AGM. They will therefore be pleased to receive details of what you have seen. (If you need help with this there is an article HERE). Please do get in touch.
YounGnats with a Wood Mouse YounGnats Website

Our younger naturalists (YounGnats) have their own website where you can find out about the fun they are having, where they are meeting, and what they have discovered!

Adnoto Forms
Our online forms allow records to be sent directly to the relevant County Recorder as well as going into a database to allow your records to be retained, retrieved and mapped. If you have records to report for any of the following groups just click on the relevant picture below to send them in. To access all of Adnoto's facilities click HERE

Toad Arable Plants Bumblebee Peacock

Grasshopper Black-tailed Skimmer Fox Burnt Orchid

Wood Tiger Toad Glow worm Green Tiger Beetle

Living Record Living Record
If you prefer the use the comprehensive online data system called Living Record it can be accessed HERE. It has an overview leaflet HERE.

Although centrally developed for use all over England, Wales and Scotland, it has a local flavour to it. Here we present the BNHS-branded portal for Bedfordshire and Luton naturalists to use.

Keith Balmer has written some introductory notes HERE.

Snapshot of Bedscape Bedscape Photo Archive
Help build this archive of our changing countryside by uploading photos of rural Bedfordshire to Bedscape. Old photos especially welcome.

Drawing of a badger recording. Links to page on how to record For the Record
The County Recorders will be glad to receive your records. If you are unsure how to record wildlife, this article may help you...
Photo of Red Admiral butterfly. Link to butterfly first-flights table First Flights
Check to see when each butterfly species was first spotted in 2018...

Here are several technological aids to help you with your recording:

Snapshot of Grab-a-Grid-Ref Grab a Grid Reference
from aerial photos and Ordnance Survey maps, Search by postcode or placename. Verifying grid refs. Overlay VC30 and Beds boundaries.
Snapshot of Map Your Records Map Your Records
This simple tool lets you to plot a set of records in Google Earth, as squares or with markers. You can even define your own plotting styles.
Snapshot from Google Earth. Links to page on overlays Google Earth Overlays
We have a set of 1km squares, 10km squares, Bedfordshire boundary and VC30 layers for use in Google Earth.
Snapshot of plotted records Lat/Lng Your Records
This simple tool adds columns of latitude, longitude and resolution to your records.

Here is a selection of articles about some of our fascinating local species...

Photo of a hoverfly. Links to pages on hoverflies Hoverflies
Hoverflies are beautiful and fascinating and there is something to be seen all year round. John O'Sullivan helps us to get started...
Snapshot of a Bumbleebee. Links to page on bumblebees Bumblebees
Our Recorder for Bumbleebees, Colin Carpenter, introduces us to this group of familiar and interesting bees.
Snapshot of a scale Scale Insects
Chris Malumphy writes about this over-looked group of interesting insects that he has recorded in Bedfordshire. BJENH Paper added
Close-up of a lichen. Links to an article on common lichens Lichen Challenge
Can you help to put lichens on the map...?
Snapshot of a barkfly. Links to article Barkflies
Alan Outen has written an introductory article to this group of insects that you may not have noticed before.
Photo of a longhorn beetle. Links to pages on longhorns Longhorn Beetles
A short survey for these attractive beetles was run during 2006-8. Read about these species and what was found HERE

The society produces many quality publications such as a newsletter (Wild About Beds), books and two annual journals (the Bedfordshire Naturalist and the Bedfordshire Bird Report).

Snapshot of Wild About Beds 185 Wild About Beds No. 185 (Winter 2017/18)

Wild About Beds (the newsletter of the BNHS) no. 185 is now available.

Members that have opted-in will still receive a paper copy for their own archives, but these colour read-only versions are available to all online. Recent back issues: No.184, No.183, No.182, No.181, No.180, No.179, No.178, No.177, No.176, No.175, No.174, No.173, No.172, No.171, No.170, No.169, No.168, No.167, No.166 (The million-record map can also be viewed at high resolution HERE (3MBytes PNG). No.165

To avoid possible offence older back issues have been taken offline as they contained links to the old BedsLife website which is now under new ownership and contains adult material. Hopefully these will be restored once the PDFs can be edited.

Close-up journal part 1. Close-up journal part 2. Bedfordshire Naturalist 2016

The Society's journal, The Bedfordshire Naturalist 2016, published in two parts, has recently been distributed to members.

Part 1 covers species groups other than birds. Part 2 covers only birds.

Non-members may purchase copies for £10 each from Mary Sheridan or at a BNHS or Bird Club meeting.

BedsNats No. 1 Cover Cover of BedsNat 1998 1946-1998 Journals Online!

Copies of all Bedfordshire Naturalists for the period 1946 to 1998 are now available here online as searchable PDFs!

53 years worth of Bedfordshire wildlife history are available at the click of a mouse.

An amazing resource for education and research...!

Crested Cow-wheat The New Flora of Bedfordshire

The new county flora for Bedfordshire has now sold out.

To read more about this publication please click HERE.

Photo of cover of Bedfordshire Dragonflies book Grab one before it's too late...

Most copies of Steve Cham's book about the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Bedfordshire have now been distributed but a few are still available, at only £5 + P&P (originally £25).

To obtain your copy contact Peter Glenister

Copies are also available on most weekdays from the Wildlife Trust office in Priory Country Park Visitor Centre. Call 01234 364213 to reserve a copy and to check when someone will be there.

Fundraising and Offers:

Here are ways to help with raising funds for the BNHS and possibly also help yourself:

OneStopNature logo OneStopNature
BNHS members get 10% off microscopes or other items appropriate for invertebrates such as handlenses and magnifiers at the checkout of this online store.
The BNHS receives a further 10% as "cash-back" sent to the treasurer.
To obtain a checkout code contact our Treasurer or Membership Secretary.
Link to easyfundraising EasyFundraising
Purchase goods, or search the web, through EasyFundraising and the BNHS gets money!