Adnoto Email Registration - Step 1

When you submit records into the Adnoto system your email address is required in case of a query and to allow acknowledgement. This also allows your records to be associated with your email address when they are stored into the database. (It is best to submit records using one consistent email address so that you only need to register one email address).

Most Adnoto forms do not require you to register your email address in order to submit records (but publicly-visible surveys do for spam control).

By registering however you will be able to:

  • Request copies of your records to be emailed to you when you submit them
  • Download copies of all the records that you have ever submitted into Adnoto
  • Download copies of all records in publicly-visible surveys
  • Interactively map your own records and those in publicly-visible surveys

Registration is a simple two-step process...

  1. Enter your email address below. You will receive an email containing a link for step two.

  2. Click on the link in the email, then enter a password of your choosing.

You can also use this method to change your password, or to assign a new password if you forget it.

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